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Ko Samui's first Web TV (since 2008) provides current video podcasts (special reports, features, series, etc) about events and people on the tropical island. Samui WebTV sees itself as an independent producer of very different TV broadcast formats specifically streaming all its content onto the World Wide Web, representing the beautiful island of Samui.

SAMUI  Xclusive       Current Contributions, Breaking News

SAMUI  Xtras             Reports, Podcasts, Clips      

SAMUI  Faces           Expats in Paradies

SAMUI  Series           Miscellaneous, Promotion Clips, etc. 



   As a manager of the production company dART MEDIA, Enzo Grappa brings years of experience and expertise in all areas of professional TV production into the team in form of the Executive Producer and several other duties. There is more information about Enzo Grappa here.

The newest member of Samui WebTV is George Dietz, Creative Director and Translator.

Sandra Martin as a reporter and Sam Gruber in the field of journalistic research and interviews, are further freelance collaborators working for Samui WebTV.